Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So i finally got a chance to sit uninterrupted and listen to my man Cayex Illah's project 30 Shot Laws of Drama. you see Cayex & I go way back and this project represents a long road that he has taken and i am so very proud of this project. very few people know the very real trials and tribulations, the personal sacrifices the heartbreaks and back stabbing and dream shattering obstacles he has had to endure i was there for a lot of them just as he was there for my own trials. this project is a celebration of the will to not just survive but to succeed in spite of where you come from or where you have been. without getting too personal ill say: they don't know about the scheming pseudo ballers with their fake promises of wealth...they don't know about heat under the seat and making calls for bail money...they don't know about pretending to like whack ass emcees just so we can feed our families...they don't know about pitching in for pans of chicken to feed the crew to keep the machine rolling...they don't know about sanding floors and whisper room assembly...they don't know about gats so big in the small off your back that you look like the hunchback of Notre dame...they dont know about family sitting in lockup cause the cops cant tell a dummy brick from the real thing...they don't know about jimmy ching...they don't know about pooling studio rent money from friends when the fake ballers faked us out...they don't know about ill state assassins...they don't know about Travelers,4CH,GD'S and neutrons working together to get this music out...they don't know about scrapping with dumbasses in the halls that can't take criticism...they don't know about vanburen...they don't know about 36th &iron...they don't know about missing your seed to make the dream work...they don't know about the women who love what we do but hate us for doing it...they dont know about being there for a friend when his wife dies leaving him with the kids only to bury him not even 6 months later...they don't know what we have to go through to make our dreams a reality.
Cayex you did your thing on this project I'm proud of you i knew you had it in you and i know you got tired of me telling you to do your own project you just needed to do it on your own time.
Nothing can stop us. Nothing.
Sincerely, Chris